Ruben Rodriguez

Team Coordinator

Ruben’s background: Entrepreneur and Real estate Developer

Born and raised in Union County NJ, Ruben Rodriguez is the consummate and serial entrepreneur. He graduated from High School in 1996 at age 18. By age 22, Mr. Rodriguez conceived, branded and developed the “Jersey Deep” brand and, along with it, 2 affiliate businesses.

Ruben started investing in real estate in 2002 and currently is a full time real estate developer. His primary focus is in the NJ and NY markets. In December 2013, Ruben was invited to an ACN presentation by his long term friend and real estate colleague Jeff Rincon. There he met Regional Vice President Gil Pementel and when he saw the opportunity, he joined on the spot. It took a few weeks and a trip to the National Convention, where the combination of meeting SVP Mike and Pat Maser and the magnitude of the National Convention for Ruben to realize this was much much bigger than he ever imagined.

Ruben has been involved with various charities, providing additional support to individuals and families outside of his own home and interested in 'lifestyle' for many years. To that end Ruben realized that the ACN model could provide, “A level of income that is not attainable in the real estate industry and eventually lead to an organization that doesn’t require the time investment and the stress involved with traditional businesses. I realized that if I followed my mentors leads, stuck to the proven system, brought my work ethic to the opportunity, I can put time into this model and later on have the opportunity to step back and continue to reap the financial benefits of what I have built”

Ruben hit the position of Team Coordinator in 5 months.