Peter Callahan

Team Coordinator

Staten Island NY’s first TC Peter Callahan along his wife Lisa comes from real estate sales and development. “I needed a change and because I am opportunistic by nature, when I knew my home state was participating in the deregulation of energy, 'forgetaboutit' it was a no brainer! All I could think about was my 5 children's future and giving them the head start in life that I didn't have.“ Says Mr. Callahan when he was asked what got his attention about this business model. Mr. Callahan continues, “I grew up extremely poor and couldn't fathom the idea of my children ever being in that position, I vowed they wouldn’t have to go through the struggles I did.”

“With ACN and the idea of residual income being passed down as inheritance, I could see this was the foundation that I was looking for as a cushion for my children's future. I no longer have to look for my next investment to pay my families bills. Steady and continuous income is a lot more promising and secure in this unpredictable economy that all American’s are facing. A good plan B just makes sense.”

Peter finishes with “I’ve always had a huge work ethic, I love to work, but I want to enjoy time with my family more now as we are all getting older. My mentors Gil and Cami suggested that I use that monster work ethic and desire to achieve, and apply it to this proven system that works. I hit TC in less than 5 months and LOVE this business! We are making lifelong friendships, we surround ourselves with positive go getters and we live for the next event especially the national conventions.”

Mr. Callahan is famous for saying “money never sleeps” and now that he earns royalties while he is sleeping, his famous saying has never been truer!