Mark Paulin

Team Coordinator

Mark Paulin currently resides in the small southern Maine town of Arundel. Mark is married with 4 young sons and also owns and operates 4 automotive repair garages. Mark has been the quintessential, "If you want something done, give it to a busy guy", kind of person. Mark says, "The economy has taken a toll on my businesses and consequently I always keep my options open. I had no college fund for my 4 boys and as a father that bothered me".

Mark has worked diligently with RVP's Gil and Cami Pementel following the Rockstar system which catapulted him in a market place with no energy, to TC in 6 months. Mark says, "The secret to success with ACN is the PBR's. As long as you’re having PBR's within your group you can hit all the leadership positions including SVP!”

Finally, Mark is looking to the future and for the first time since being a child he actually believes that his dreams for his young family can come true. He knows that ACN has provided the tracks to run on, so all he needs to do is stay on those tracks and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Mark says, "I have never been on the front end of any opportunity. Me and my family will not miss energy deregulation in America. The fact that a twenty year old phone company can still bring new opportunities like energy to the marketplace is just a testament to what ACN is doing for all of us.”