Kirk Walsh

PCM, Regional Director

Kirk’s background: Plastics and Chemical Engineering

After graduating from U-Mass Lowell, Kirk pursued a career with the U.S. government in Research and Development. Despite his achievements and commendations, Kirk became dissatisfied with the “corporate world”, specifically the obstructions preventing him from building income and the limitations of attaining professional advancement. Because Kirk became disenchanted with his career, he was no longer excited about his future. Seeking an alternate vocation, Kirk read Rich Dad Poor Dad and jumped into real estate. Unfortunately, it was poor economic timing. Three months after buying his first foreclosure, Kirk realized that real estate was not his passion. Miraculously, soon thereafter, a friend introduced him to ACN.

Kirk could immediately see the possibilities and rewards of the business if he worked hard and embraced personal and professional development. As a result of his friend sharing a business opportunity in October of 2008, every aspect of Kirk’s life changed! Kirk fell in love with the idea of unlimited income potential, helping people, and residual income (building something once and getting paid over and over). He realized that ACN’s business model could offer him a lifestyle that would afford him the time and the means to do the things that mattered most -- retire his parents, help his Church, play hockey, build and race cars, and work out at the gym.

After being a part-time ACN representative for six months, Kirk was able to retire from traditional business and focus on ACN full time. Kirk has been very pleased with the results – financially and intrinsically! ACN has provided Kirk and his family with a future that has excited them -- waking up every morning with the feeling of butterflies in their stomachs. Kirk has found it remarkable that the founders of ACN have put together a business system that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. ACN’s phenomenal mentors keep ACN representatives on the path to success via their coaching, mentoring, guiding, training and supporting programs. The current opportunities presented by the deregulation of energy, utilities, and the ever-changing economy have created the “perfect storm” for ACN success. With great enthusiasm and positive energy, Kirk is on a quest to change people’s lives, give them hope and accomplish his purpose in life.