Jeff Rincon

Team Coordinator

"My professional background is an Attorney and Real Estate Developer for the past ten years. I graduated from Penn Law School and Wharton Business School. I have been successful in business but i have always devoted a tremendous amount of time and money to these enterprises, and what I found is that the job is never finished and you end up in a never ending treadmill no matter how much money you make.”

“An attorney colleague of mine introduced me to this opportunity as another way of earning income. When I heard the words RESIDUALS tied to Utilities, I responded with two words "I'm in". 10 months later I have been promoted to Team Coordinator. I have to say it is very exciting, I did not realize that this opportunity was SO Lucrative, and it has helped me create a new vision for me and my family's lifestyle. Instead of grinding it out for the next 20-30 years as a traditional business person hoping for the big score.

I now can imagine very realistically being financially retired in the next couple of years before the age of 40. The great thing about it is you make great weekly income while working with phenomenal people and while helping many others achieve their goals, and every month you watch that monthly residual income grow. I will always be thankful to the friend who invited me to see this opportunity, it truly is a phenomenal wealth building and lifestyle changing vehicle.”

Jeff Rincon TC Promotion at
Cleveland International Convention 13-Sep-2014