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Author   Book
Direct Marketing Specific:
Mark Yarnell
  -Your first year in network marketing
Richard Poe
  -Wave 3 and Wave 4 book series
Allan Pease
  -Questions are the Answers  
  -Body Language (How to read others thoughts by their gestures)
  (and anything direct marketing related by Pease)
Burke Hedges
  -The Parable of the Pipeline
Dexter Yager
  (Anything by Dexter)
  -Dexter's Business Builders
  -Dynamic People Skills
  -Ordinary Men Extraordinary Heroes
  -Everything I know at the top I learn at the bottom
T Harv Ecker
  -Speed Wealth
Michael Clouse
  -Recipe for Success (recording)
  -Future Choice
  -Learning the Business
  -The Fifth Principle
Robert Kiyosaki
  -The Business of the 21st Century (recording)
  -The Business School
Tim Connor
  -52 Network Marketing Tips For Success, Wealth & Happiness
Chris Weidner
  -Any Chris Weidner
Spiritual/Motivational Specific:
Esther and Jerry Hicks
  -Ask and it is Given
  -The Law of Attraction
Jim Rohn
  (Anything Rohn does)
W Clement Stone
  (Anything by Stone)
John Maxwell
  -Failing Forward
  -Today Matters
Marcia Wieder
  -Making your Dreams Come True
Deepak Chopra
  -The Seven Spiritual
  -Break out of the Box
Wayne Dyer
  -The Power of Intention
  -Real Magic
  (Anything Wayne Dyer does)
Linda Kaplan
  -The Power of Nice
  -The Secret
Wallace Wattles
  -The Science of Getting Rich
T Harv Ecker
  -Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Susan Jeffers
  -Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway
  -End the Struggle and Dance with Life.
  -Excuse me your life if waiting
Napoleon Hill
  -Think and Grow Rich
  (Lots of variations of this book)
  -The law of success in 16 lessons
Dale Carnegie
  -How to win friends and influence people
  -How to stop worrying and start living
Louise Hay
  -You Can Heal Your Life
  -Hay House radio on internet
  -"I Can Do It" seminars
  -As a Man Thinkith
  -Hung by the tongue
  -The tongue of creative force
  -What you say is what you get
Business Specific:
Robert Kiyosaki
  -Rich Dad Poor Dad
  -Cash Flow Quadriants
  -All books in the Rich Dad/Poor Dad franchise
Donald Trump
  -Why we want you to be rich
David Bach
  -Smart Women Finish Rich
David Hawkins
  -Power vs. Force
Mark Victor Hansen
  -The One Minute Millionaire
General Learning and Mind Expansion:
Price Pritchett
Og Mandino
  -The Greatest Salesman in the World
Russell H Conwell
  -Acres of Diamonds
David J Schwartz
  -The Magic of Thinking Big
Richard Branson
  -Screw it, Let's do it
Jeff Olson
  -The slight edge
Matthew Maltz
  -Psycho Cybernetics
  -The magic of believing
  -The Go Getter
  -The game of work
Sales Specific:
Zig Ziglar
  -See you at the top
  -Secrets of closing the Sale
  (Anything by Zig)
Brian Tracy
  -Eat That Frog
Tony Robbins
  -"Unleash the Power Within"
  (This is the firewalking seminar)
  -Personal Power
  (Anything by Tony Robbins)
Landmark Education
  -Landmark Forum
  (For kids and adults, life changing)
Vipassana Meditation Center
  -10 Day Meditation in Shelburne, Ma
  (Neuro Linguistic Programming, LOTS of books on this subject)
Earl Knightinggale
  -Lead the Field
  -The Strangest Secret