The Rock Star Nation was founded by two brothers, Michael and Patrick Maser. The fact that you are here makes you an acting person, ready for a change, ready to live life to its fullest, ready to have not only financial freedom, but time freedom as well.

Just like you, the local leaders of Wealth Institute Inc. were once searching for the perfect opportunity to achieve those freedoms, and they found it! Now their mission is to genuinely help YOU achieve those freedoms by not only showing you how they've done it, but helping you do the same. It is a co-operative effort!

The system that the leaders of Wealth Institute Inc. have assembled is an accumulation of years of intensive trial and error. Today, this highly refined, yet simple system is taught at many local training events and is constantly creating ACN champions! In 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011, the ROCK STAR team lead by the Wealth Institute Inc. leaders was the #1 team in all of ACN globally.

The New England market place was created in 2007. September of that year, a brand new representative joined the team. He was 50 years old, worried about the financial condition of his family and definitely open and looking for an opportunity. When Gil Pementel was introduced to Michael and Patrick Maser, everything changed for him and now thousands of people who have benefited from him making that decision to take control of his life and financial future. Today, RVP Gil Pementel is priveleged to work with thousands of dedicated professionals and together have established several training centers in New England. This web site was developed so that you too can learn and grow from the years of success and knowledge this market place has to offer.

We invite you to click the "Leaders" tab and get to know your new business partners. Go to the "Events" tab to find local gatherings to plug into. Visit all of the tabs and truly become familiar, with this, the fastest growing team in all of ACN! Success is yours!